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October 15th 2015 - Luxor Lounge

Facebook Event Link Here

NEW SINGLE - Injection of Conspiracy Piano

The fourth single from the upcoming Everything That Was Atomic Cockroach album @ Bandcamp
Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
You can find the lyrics and details HERE
- Normal Version
- Radio Version
- Instrumental Version
- Demo Version


Robots !!!

Fuck it here is a preview of track 5 - ROBOTS. Im so fucken drunk I dont care how shit the mix is. I'm working as hard as possible on track 3 - Monkey Corporations. Its so close to the awesomness it was supposed to be. Take care cockroaches and be !!!

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Go to the Demo section to pick the next song I will record from a list of demo's


It's been too long

Sorry :-/
Ok so today marks the release of Monkey Corporations HERE as a single.
This song took 4 years to complete LOL
Hope u like it
This will be the third track from the upcoming Everything That Was album

Over the last couple of weeks, Atomic Cockroach has had a couple of gigs.
One was the Acoustic set of Fukushima zombie Criminals, Bankroll the World, and Terrorist Journalist @ The Brunswick Hotel for Smash Fest.
You can check out some pictures from Smash Fest of Atomic on stage with his mate Brent HERE
One was at Whole Lotta Love with Hollywood Tall, and Fresh Violet.
And the other one was at 303 with Filthy Lui, Hollywood Tall, & Something Secret.
Have attached some Atomic Cockroach Instagram pics from the events.

Atomic Cockroach also wanted to give a shout out to The Hype Momann who has been helping to hype the crowd up when Atomic Cockroach is too hung over. You can see him in some of the photos attached to this post.



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