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Interweb v 4.0 - Fukushima Zombie Criminals Single / Lyric Video and more

read below
Interweb v 4.0 is now LIVE !!! enjoy

Fukushima Criminals Single / Lyric Video comin in the next week or two. The video is just taking me a little bit longer cause Ive never done one of these before.

Recoding Fukushima Zombie Criminals acoustic version for single release. So the plan for the single is:
- Original Version
- Radio Version
- Instrumental Version
- Accoustic Version
- Some other track

K back to work for me, peace out and thanks for hanging in.


Recently Bought the Native Instruments Maschine Mk2

didn't realise what i was getting into
So I stupidly bought a secondhand Maschine Mk2 without software, and little did I realise how stupid that was.

Native Instruments have a very strict licensing guideline, which kills all the second hand users.

You basically need all the goodies you originally got with the hardware, as well as a hardware liscence transfer from the original owner.
With a couple of fuck around's and some help from Native Instruemtns, I managed to get the thing to work, kinda.
The bloody software spazzez out and freezes the hardware. This is where I am at.

So I suppose until i figure all the crap out, Ive got a pretty light room decoration :-).



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